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Brands Hatch GP Meeting 9th/10th Aug 2014 - Entries

HI Fellow Thunderbikers,


As the annual pilgrimage to Brands Hatch GP circuit is almost upon us the BEMSEE team have reminded us of the need to get our entries in early


Currently Tracy has informed us that the Minitiwins and 400's are swamping the TB grid with additional class entires, whilst the clubs ethos is too give championship regulars first shout we are fast approaching the cut off point where extra class riders will be accepted and you will lose the chance to enter this fantastic round!


REMEMBER - You payment is NOT taken until a week before the meeting so get your entries in NOW if your planning to enter rather than holding back




New Thunderbike Team details entered for the 2014 Season

Welcome to our newest team entered for the 2014 Thunderbike Championship

Team Top Banana will be fielding two riders contesting the championship onboard a pair of FZ750's

The riders are:

  • Keith Chambers
  • Nigel Lawrence

Their details can be found on the riders and team pages



Another New Extreme team enters the fray!!

Welcome to our newest Thunderbike Extreme team:

Neil Harris Motorcycles - Rider Neil Harris

With five weeks to go until the season starts keep your details coming if your new to the series so we can keep the website up to date with current runners



New Team and Rider Details added

A big welcome to two new Thunderbike Extreme teams for the 2014 season

  • Team LCS - Rider Mark Lister
  • Team Faith Fueled Racing - Rider Paul Bryant

Their details can be found on the Teams and Riders pages

If you wish to udpate your own existing team details or have your team lsited if new to the championship, upload your team details on the link at the bottom of the 'Team' page



The 2014 Season start draws nearer - Join the Fray!

With the 2014 season nearly upon us, most people are getting their bikes prepped and ready for the opening round of Thunderbikes now at Snetterton 300 on 26th/27th April.  Thunderbike Extreme was a hotly contested championship last season with Steve Jordan and Dan Couzens trading paint for most of the season in an interesting battle between an inline 4 750 Suzuki and a twin 999cc Ducati in an aluminium frame.  Both had multiple race wins and the Extreme formula proved that it produces close fought racing in the upto 130 bhp class. Jordan eventually triumphed and became the first rider to have won both TB and TB Extreme, he celebrated this achievement by growing a very silly moustache!

Regular Thunderbikes was also a tight championship, with Adam Nelson the 2012 champion  on a Ducati 748SP fighting with Martin Cooper the 2007 champion on a Tigcraft 700cc single with various others making regular podiums. Nelson ended up taking the championship from David May as Martin Cooper missed the final round due to injury.

The 2014 season should see a great entry for both classes again with a good number of new rookies joining in the fun. With a large number of competitive riders in both classes we should again see a season of close racing across some of the great tracks that Bemsee have arranged for this season.

After last season grids we are again expecting a full grid to accommodate both classes, and some meetings may again have reserves so get your entries in quick to be sure of a place on the grid.

What are you waiting for? Come and join the most diverse and friendly class on the Bemsee programme.

Dave Harviek - Rider Rep 


Race Dates - Added and Updated

The race dates have been added to the site

This is the amended schedule and includes our visit to Cadwell Park in July

As you will see at the top of the page the countdown clock to the new season has commenced!!

See you all at Snetterton in April :)


Sponsor Offer - Steve Jordan Motorcycles

Steve Jordan Motorcycles - one of our title sponsors - is offering free power compliance checks on their Dynapro Dyno, this is the same type of Dyno as used by Bemsee to control the Thunderbike and Thunderbike Extreme classes


This superb offer will allow you to check the power of your 2014 race bike is class compliant as well as fueling correctly and performing as expected


On top of this they are also offering a 20% dicsount off their normal dyno rates for any fueling changes wether it be Bazzaz, Power Commander or Re-Jetting

The offer will be running until Feb 2014, if you wish to take advantage of this fabulous offer all their contact details and opening times etc are on the linked page below:




Tech Inspection - What they are inspecting on your Thunderbike!

HI All,


Mark has kindly let me lift this from his motoforum post and publish here as a useful guide on what is checked when the tech officials scrutineer your bike, it makes for a useful read whether your new to the class or not, enjoy!


As there are so many rookies starting racing this season it can be a bit strange at your first meeting going to Tech Inspection, what to expect, what are we checking for? Well this is looking through my eyes at what i'm doing when looking at your bike, hopefully it gives a bit of insight to what we do.


Technical Inspection ……………what the hell am I doing?

Current Road Race Technical specs can be downloaded from the current ACU handbook on the ACU website.

A little insight into what we, the technical officials are doing and looking at when we inspect your bike, this is a typical set of checks but not exhaustive.

Most officials have their own routine but basically all will check for the same items
First up you will be asked to support your bike from the rear and asked for your scrutineering card (which you will have signed) From this I will check your race numbers, Frame/engine numbers and transponder number
PLEASE NOTE: Anyone found in possession of a machine with tampered or defaced engine or frame numbers will not be allowed to race, even if you have receipts for the bike.
Details can be found here

I will start at the front of the bike checking handlebar clip-ons are securely fixed and the handlebars and levers do not foul the fairing on full lock. Levers have rounded ends. The steering lock is checked such that full lock is only limited by the lock-stops, not by steering damper or brake fluid reservoir smashing the clocks!
Tug on the front fairing to ensure secure fixing.
The throttle will be twisted to ensure it freely returns to its fully closed position (i.e. it snaps shut)
The front brake operation will be checked and if your front brake hoses have a split (1 into 2 join) this must be above the bottom yoke, linked callipers are not allowed. Most race bikes run 2 separate lines from the front master cylinder. While doing this I will also check that there is no play in the head bearings.
Check that clocks are mounted secure and there is a manual engine kill switch accessible.
Coolant, plain or distilled water only, no additives in the cooling system what so ever. There is no requirement for a separate catch bottle for coolant overflow but is advisable to direct into the belly pan if no catch bottle is used.

From here I will check the front wheel, Calliper bolts tight? No visible signs of brake fluid leaking?
Disk bolts all present and tight? Front tyre fitted the correct rotation, valve cap fitted and any wheel weights fitted must be taped up with gaffa tape.
While I’m kneeling down I will also check for any signs of leaking around the fork seals.

I will now check that the oil filter, sump bolt and filler cap has been lock wired (some bikes also have dip sticks this also has to be wired) any engine breathers must vent into a collection bottle.

I will run my hand along the bottom of the fairing catch tray, this must be solid with no holes in it and constructed to hold at least half of the total oil and coolant capacity of the engine (generally all race fairings are designed to this spec) as well as the fact that any openings in the fairing are at least 50mm above the bottom of the fairing. If drain plugs have been fitted these must be taped in place from both sides.

Check left hand side foot peg has rounded ends, if standard ‘flip up type’ pegs are used hero blobs have to be removed. Make sure no excessive play or loose joints on gear shift mechanism. Side stand removed? (Yes it does happen!)

I will check the rear shock visually as well as the upper and lower mounting bolts, I will ensure there is no play in the wheel bearings or swing arm by forcing the wheel from side to side. Shark fin fitted?
Check all sprocket nuts are present and tight, chain adjustment correct?

From here I move to the right hand side of the bike, rear brake working? Calliper is checked for movement and all disk bolts are present and tight.

Exhaust end can securely fitted and exit does not project beyond any part of the vehicle or its bodywork.

Check right hand side foot peg has rounded ends,  if standard ‘flip up type’ pegs are used hero blobs have to be removed, rear brake lever securely fitted and not fouling on any part of machine.

From here I will move to the top of the bike and check fuel tank/filler cap is securely fastened, give the rear seat unit a tug and make sure mounting is solid.

Assuming the bike passes inspection your card will be signed and a ‘Day Sticker’ affixed to your bike.
If for any reason your bike fails you will be asked to fix the problem and bring the bike back to recheck


NOTE: Technical officials are here to get you on track, not to try and stop you. We will endeavour to be as polite and helpful as we can be to get you on track and to enjoy your racing.



Thunderbikes to use in the Thunderbike Series - Tigcraft SV650


  Hello again Thunderbikers one and all, the third bike in our features on bikes to use in the Thunderbike series comes from the Tigcraft workshops in the form of Steve Parrott's SV650 Tigcraft.

A stunning piece of handcrafted motorcycle engineering, enjoy........


In 2010 Dave Pearce of Tigcraft fame built the chassis round the tried and tested SV650 engine, running GRXR1000 K5 forks and ’06 R6 swing arm.

The standard yokes were scrapped and bespoke adjustable yokes fitted with taper roller bearings. The rest of the front end has a Performance technology master cyclinder and brakes fitted to PFM ductile iron discs and a 16.5 inch front magnesium Marchesini wheel running a Pirelli slick.

The body work is from Replicast and is a copy of Hondas 2005 GP250 bike, this close fitting body work created cooling problems and a second delta shaped radiator needed to be fitted with an external electric water pump.

The exhaust system build by Mark Dent needed some thought as the rear swing arm was from an R6 and had no routing for a rear exiting V twin engine. The solution was to run a pipe from each cylinder, one exiting low and the other under seat and running a small bore balance pipe along the left side of the engine linking the two pipes.


The engine is bored to 700cc with some head work, race cams, and lightened and balanced bottom end, close ratio gearbox, slipper clutch and race alternator. Keihin flat slides look after the fuelling and the tank is a bespoke aluminium item. A light weight lithium battery proved inadequate to start from cold and the bike is wired for an external booster battery for starting.

The rear shock is Ohlins TTX and the forks run Ohlins internals. The rear wheel is a 17 x 5.5 Marchesini which allows a Dunlop 165 slick that was run on the original GP250 bikes.

The building of this bike has been a fascinating experience which has brought me in touch with a load of excellent people who have proved invaluable with their help and advice.


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